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Tru-Line Civil. Excellence in Infrastructure.

Tru-Line Civil has been operating from Greymouth since 1994. Key personnel were engaged in owner-operated civil contracting firms in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty prior to that.


To be New Zealand's leading provider of civil, drainage and contracting services.

The Company

UFB optical fibre cable jointTru-Line Civil and its trading predecessors have accrued over 100 years experience in civil contracting over the range of civil works from roadbuilding, earthworks, bridge building, and concrete structures, to cable laying, pressure reticulation systems, and piped sewer and stormwater installations. Projects have included a wide array of associated works such as pumping stations, impermeable membrane lining of retention reservoirs, grouted anchor retaining structures, and construction of supersized concrete reservoir tanks for urban water supply. Well-point dewatering for deep piping systems has become a strength along with construction of complete fully serviced urban housing estates.

Lasting industry relationships have been formed over many years across a wide spectrum of industry players including engineering consultants, specialized industry suppliers, and preferred clientele. Tru-Line have a wealth of intrinsic knowledge and information “in house” allowing quick and holistic resolution of any civil challenges that may present during the course of any project. Coupled with this is the stakeholders’ philosophy of “moving with the times” — keeping up with changes in both civil materials available internationally, and new methodologies for construction/installation. We constantly strive to improve our service to customers and invest heavily in plant, staff training and career development, supporting management systems and processes that ensure we fulfill our service promise.


Our Difference

  • Award Winning
  • ISO 9001 Certification
  • NZTA Prequalified
  • ACC Tertiary Level
  • Family Company

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