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Quality of life is at the core of what residential land development is about. The places we live are our homes, neighbourhoods, communities, towns and cities. Real estate development builds places like Mountainview Estates where we enjoy our quality of life.

TruLine Civil have the skills and insight, resources and expertise to produce highly valued urban residential and lifestyle subdivisions. TruLine supports developers with establishing feasibility, working through the relevant local-body zoning and environmental approvals and permits. From site design to horizontal infrastructure, paving and the construction of the complete urban services package our Civil Engineering expertise and 20 years of experience with land development supports our clients from the preparatory stages right through to the earthmoving process of converting bare, undeveloped land into highly desirable urban residential living environments.

Land Development Methodology

Mountainview Estates finished houseThe land required hard fill over it to raise the elevation sufficiently to provide geotechnical stability and the necessary stormwater runoff.

After clearing of the vegetation the hard fill was transported to site, spread to predetermined levels and compacted to approved standards of moisture and density. Once the elevation, levelling and stabilization of the land was completed a full urban services package was installed, which included;Mountainview Estates - bare land

  • gravity sewer mains and laterals,
  • stormwater reticulation,
  • pressure water system to all properties,
  • power and telecom.

Spreading the fill, Mountainview EstatesFollowing this stage the curb and channels, footpaths and paving were effected, finally the subdivision was landscaped and grassed to finish. Street lighting was included and the result, with all services underground underground, is a pleasant and aesthetically pleasing subdivision. The contrast between the original rough and undeveloped land and the completed highly desirable urban residential living environment of Mountainview Estates is impressive.

Mountainview Estates has provided a valuable asset to the Westport community and to the stakeholders in the subdivision development.Urban services lay - Mountainview EstatesUrban services package, Mountainview Estates

Residential Land Development

We support our clients across all Residential Land Development-related activities, we offer versatility to any project through our broad range of specialist knowledge and years of relevant work experience. By engaging with the expert individuals who are best suited to each project we have combined successful project completion with development of the knowledge and skill-base of TruLine's in-house expertise.

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TruLine Civil is determined to incrementally improve the service we deliver our clients, and the quality and range of civil engineering services that we offer to owners and stakeholders who expect excellence.

Excellence in Infrastructure.

TruLine Civil.

Interested in our services? You can contact us +64 (21) 228-5090 and ask for Geoff Powell or e-mail me at

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Mountainview Estates Westport

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