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Punakaiki Resort siteworks



Punakaiki Resort entrancePunakaiki is situated on State Highway 6, midway between Westport and Greymouth on the West Coast of the South Island. The main attraction at Punakaiki is the blowholes, natural limestone cavities through which the wave action of the ocean creates a steam pipe effect. This has become a significant tourist attraction and a must-see for anyone visiting the West Coast. In support of this tourism activity Punakaiki resort has been developed and the Truline Civil precursor Coastal Constructors were involved in the construction of the Punakaiki Resort from the outset. The engineering and construction works associated with this development included site works excavation and earthworks, construction of a seawall, construction of a large pedestrian underpass under state Highway 6, construction of rock retaining walls, sewer disposal, stormwater, water supply, kerbing, roading, carparks and landscaping. State Highway pedestrian underpassRetaining wall faced with natural stone from the siteMajor emphasis was placed on the utilisation of local materials such as stratified boulders for use as retaining walls in some areas. In other areas, large sandstone rocks, hard woods along with exposed aggregate concrete—the aggregate used in the concrete sourced locally, nearby the development. The net outcome is an exciting and environmentally enhancing facility that has proved to be a significant drawcard for the tourism industry on the West Coast. A truly viable investment in support of the economy on the West Coast.  Punakaiki Resort groundworkPunakaiki resort is located in a high rainfall region and is situated adjacent to the Tasman Sea which is a wild Ocean, the waves roll in with considerable velocity 24/7. All engineering and building works had to be designed and constructed with this in mind. They needed to be constructed in a way that will withstand the elements, The natural weather elements for decades. To date the complex has withstood these elements and is in good shape and an absence of any maintenance issues.

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Punakaiki Resort siteworks

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