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Maruia Highway resurfacing


Client: NZTA


Consultant: Opus Consultants



Grading the highway surfaceThis project is located on Highway seven with an upgrade of a 1.5 km section of State Highway 7, near Maruia Springs north-west of Maruia in the alpine region of the Southern Alps. The area is extensively beech forested and very picturesque. The environmental sensitivity of the area require consideration and the implementation of measures to mitigate any undue environmental effects in the process of the works undertaken.

The contract was let by N.Z.T.A. through their consultant Opus Consultants of Greymouth. It was for the upgrading, widening, shape correction and resealing of this 1.5 km stretch of highway along with associated drainage works, culverts, dischannels and water discharge works.

Milling the existing highway surfaceThe project required the milling of the existing pavement. This is a very economical methodology for recovering and sustainably reusing existing pavement. Essentially it rotary hoes the existing pavement along with along with the seal layers and the underlying basecourse layers, the mill mixes it all up to form a very cohesive and durable foundation layer to the proposed new road. This is followed by layers of AP-65 sub-base aggregate and M4 AP-40 subbase aggregate which is then all compacted and dressed up ready for chipseal. A two-coat grade 3 and grade 5 chipseal is then applied.

This contract was undertaken and performed on time and within budget, to a high standard, providing an excellent asset to the highway network of the West Coast and beyond.

Traffic management, Highway 7, MaruiaThis highway is the main arterial route between Christchurch in Nelson and consequently experiences high traffic volumes. Traffic management was critical on the project to due to the nature of the high traffic volumes, the location of the site in the National Park, the weather extremes experienced in this area and the safety of all stakeholders and users.

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Maruia Highway resurfacing

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